Main Accords - Lorenz Ganthaler

Main Accords


how do qualities cling to things_to words


_are they inscribed_ascribed_do they emanate like a gas_a smell_?


/ to unfold / to open or spread out from a folded position / to reveal or to disclose / to gradually develop or to be revealed /

manifold tangencies. active and passive tangents. angle of tangents. velocity of tangents. tenacious rhythms.

cadenced lines. cadenced planes. arrays of figures. arrays of planes. etc.etc. _my silks and fine_array_


a_rectangular arrangement of quantities in rows and columns, as in a matrix.b_numerical data linearly ordered by magnitude.c_an arrangement of usually identical devices often sensors that function as a unit. d_especially fine or beautiful clothing.


we are creating an inventory and cross secting the data in order to visualize the stock.the items are put in suspense, become nature morte, abstracted_peeled off_from their qualities

they become light as numbers, transparent as light itself and plane as silk.

the sum of the components, laid bare, once again evokes the idea of a monadic whole.somewhere in between the things a second language has unfolded and the self assembled parts have condensed to a muggy cloud of smell. a smell that clinges to the stack of file cards like_

an unpinned scribble _/_ a breezy signature.





rosa di damascena, accordo di violetta

legno di cedro, tabacco

bergamotto, osmanto

pompelmo, abete

glicina, oliba